#SteamTuesday presents: Pamela Quevedo of TotusMel Tats

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Pamela Quevedo is the artisan behind the beautiful TotusMel Tats on Etsyworks. Her style leans towards the dark, gothic, steampunk and Neo Victorian – yet also appeals to a wider audience. Pamela was looking for something different from her knitting and crocheting – when she discovered needle tatting, and TotusMel Tats was born.

She started using vintage patterns. She improved and improvised on them with edgings, and starting creating new designs from scratch. The fashion world as well as customers requests provide fresh inspiration. It was such a request for a lace mask that started her entire mask line.

The ankle corsets and several other pieces were created as challenges.

From intricate masquerade masks to lace spats, jewelry and more, Pamela’s shop has some breathtaking pieces.

Pamela also provides needle tatting tutorials on her library of tutorials at Instructables and videos

find her work on Etsy shop

Follow TotusMel Tats on facebook


her blogs on tatting blogs on tatting

and ‘different finds’ on TotusMels Wunderkammer blog

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4 Comments on "#SteamTuesday presents: Pamela Quevedo of TotusMel Tats"

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    Spectra Nova September 6, 2010 at 12:29 am · Reply

    I Love her stuff!

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    Steampunk Supply September 7, 2010 at 5:39 pm · Reply

    My grandmother used to teach tatting, so I’ve seen a lot of tatting! What beautiful work! So unique and original. Great feature

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