Steampunk fashion with Meg Townsend of Spyder Designs

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The personal, handmade qualities of Steampunk makers are really the base of what moves the genre forward. The personal expression, creativity and enthusiasm for remembering the future in a different way is what the fun is al about. Mix that with the excitement of sharing your work at a con with other like minded enthusiasts and watch the wonder unfold.

This week we have a chance to talk with Meg Townsend of Spyder Designs about her fashion pieces. Morrigana ‘Meg’ Townsend is a 30 year old self-taught fashion designer, seamstress and mother of 3 who has been sewing since the age of 25. She is head over heels in love with all things remotely considered Steampunk and strives to present a unique view to the evolution of what Steampunk has to offer with her presentation of Art-to-Wear in the Steampunk style. Morrigana considers herself Steampunk in every way, from her wardrobe, jewelry and accessories to the literature she is drawn to and the events that inspire her.

[O’ink] What piqued your interest in steampunk styled fashion?
MT: The unique intricacies and limitless possibilities of what Steampunk is and could be, the ability to combine old world fashions with futuristic concepts, and the knowledge that Steampunk was/is a growing and demanding market all piqued my interest in wanting to work in that style of fashion.

[O’ink] Do you have a fashion muse or other inspiration?
MT: I do have a muse…but she has neither face nor form. She hits me with inspiration any time of the day or night with visions of what could be and then bugs me tirelessly until what I have seen takes form.

[O’ink] Please tell us of the book you will be published in.
MT: I cannot say too much about the book as it isn’t published yet. It will be called Steampunk Gazette and has been written by Major Thadeus Tinker who is a well known creator of Steampunk Intricacies in the UK. The book is a comprehensive and richly illustrated overview of all things Steampunk around the world.

[O’ink] Where will you be taking your designs next?
MT: I have chosen not to limit myself in the possibilities of what is Steampunk or what it could evolve into. I’m currently working with a brilliant friend who designs and creates mechanical masterpieces from walking canes to wings and goggles. Using each other as inspiration, I’ve developed several new personas that I am inspired to create whole wardrobes for. I hope to continue to travel and showcase my work and sometime in the future open a Steampunk Gallery in the heart of my hometown in South-Western Ontario.

Facebook Page: Spyder-Designs-by-Meg

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