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Standing together: Steaming up a storm in a teacup

The world has truly become a smaller glob with the advance in technology. Searching for the right occupation will always crack your wits. The day to day tasks making the best out of each and everyone of us, we are all caught up in the struggle. An online writer trying to make a living out of writing, a young web and designer or editor, making the best out a website, a web writer may be a blogger struggling to achieve a fun base. The beginning will always make no sense, opening the page no views or just one. The trick is to never give up and that’s exactly how we like it.

Morton Cranberry: The Meticulous writer

Writing is fun and very involving at the same time. An online writer must have the words right and precise. Making the expressions attractive and motivating to the reader. Equipped with language as the main armory, next is the platform, possibly a laptop, a personal computer, table, chairs, some glasses in case the screen is too bright and let the work begin. Grabbing a cup of coffee is ideal just to keep you active in the process nothing can go wrong. A write must have the right level of concentration to avoid jumping out of topic, writing is a passion.

Elizbeth Weathervane: The Imaginative Creator

Closely related is the an aspiring web designer and editor. Despite the artistic mind and high level or creativity. Playing with the right RGB can make the designs extremely ravishing to the viewer. A young designer needs to keep up with the trend, with the modern advancements in technology the right software give the right out comes. The right machinery helps work fast and make the work more fun. Nothing like that moment you have achieved all that you have planed in time. The designs vary from time to time the worry of a designer is not the trend, but the beauty of the design.

Herbert Coggs: Of Fantastic Editing and Off-chance Writing

Having worked for some time, a retired fantasy editor may have seen days wash way, with a broad experienced, knowledge and skill. Editing plays a key role before posting, a writer may find it more professional to have an editor go through the written work. An editor is extremely passionate about expression making what sounds bare sound great by adding some flesh. It is not a walk in the park some editing requires the right equipment; a desktop, editing software, language checker. For a more promising out come. Nothing ever comes easy.

Neville Tremaine: The Blustering Blogger

Keeping up with the latest ongoing trends really serves the blogging job alright. A blogger must have the right topic to keep the page active and streaming with life- constantly! Posting just the right thing at the right time, targeting specific groups of individuals every time. No worries, a blogger can never run out of words. Which is why I prefer writing exclusively on this site. I choose to write about something that has quality over quantity. Blogging is merely belching undigested thoughts...

Anderson Wooly: The Persistent Reporter

This world would not be complete without a reporter. An incident may occur, before anything is written or blogged the first raw information is presented by the Reporter. To give accurate information scene reporters are equipped with pen and paper, I know how that sounds, tiresome? But before any information is aired it must be correct. A reporter makes their analysis of the information before any other action is taken. Therefor- presenting the information in an understandable manner is not confused later.

Working all as one amazing team, it makes for more complete cycles of news and articles that give credit to the authors and artisans of Steampunk as a whole. The trick is to be patient no matter the extent, time is endless -however patience is a virtue to those who can’t wait. If you have a hot tip that simply is burning a hole in your trousers- contact us! We welcome all ideas for fellow ‘Steamers’ and respected dreamers- Let us know soon:



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