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Steampunk as an Everyday Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a standard of living that focuses on the person’s core values, and personality, habits, tastes, fashion sense, economic position, that when grouped together create a mode of living for someone or even for a group of people. The patterns of a person’s life as shown in his activities daily and his personality. Steampunk can be considered as a subgenre of science fantasy or science fiction. It is a lifestyle that mixes technology and aesthetic designs from the 19th century steam powered machines.


With that being said- some people say that Steampunk is the same as the Neo-Victorian genre but the two of them are rally different since the Neo-Victorian lifestyle does not use generalized technology but focuses on Victorian culture. Works involving steampunk are most likely set in an alternate universe. A universe in which steam power is the mainstream source of power and they employ futuristic steam powered machines. The origins of Steampunk can also be linked loosely with the origins of Cyberpunk but only for similar views on the anti-establishment toward all things that deal with technology. Steampunk in essence is all about technology set in the early advances of the 1830’s.

So having a steampunk lifestyle is to have a steampunk mind, a steampunk body, and have a steampunk spirit, to express what we call “Steampunk-ness" that we should have. There are many unique Steampunk features that are currently available in the market like fashion, animation and animated free casino games, technological engineering, and gadgets with many more futuristic events. When we look at fashion, steampunk’s design expresses attitude. That we ourselves never back down, that we are as tough as they come. Steampunk’s style might also seem rebellious. We may carry pocket watches and disguise our cellphones as an artifact from the Victorian lifestyle. It is a style that feels like it embraces technology but at the same time it rejects consumerism. Steampunk also adopts some Victorian manners like sympathy and compassion, altruism, education and awareness. We also should speak out if we ever see that something is wrong, and actively working for the benefit of everyone. Steampunk is also considered as one of the many alternative fashions, but it can also be an alternative lifestyle.

There are people who dress in the Steampunk style for parties that are themed for Steampunk, there are also conventions, and many more occasions in the like. Some people integrate Steampunk into their daily lives, from their musical tastes to their decorations at home. For some, having a wide range of imagination is the key to living a Steampunk lifestyle. Steampunkers also enjoy their tea and love playing some cricket. Nowadays, Steampunk has evolved as a lifestyle. There fashion sense have become more imaginative and by being inspired of the aesthetics used in the past. The modern style of Steampunk fashion is really sought after. Cosplayers are one the few groups that really incorporate the Steampunk style.

Steampunk, seems to look to a past time- not so much as others who go through the naive reminiscence of rose colored spectacles, but also removing the best of the Victorian period and using it’s inventions as a guide for a future when the optimism of technological development knew no limits. Steampunk lifestyle shows that people can stay positive in times of need but also stay true to their values.

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