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Top 5 Steampunk films that kept it real!

The influence genre 20th century of the Victorian era is popularly known as Steampunk. While its literary genre is not only limited to the particular category, it is well defined with the technology such as steam engines which are incorporated into the science fiction as well as fantasy too. It has found its way into several other categories like romance, erotica, and young adult fiction too. With the increasing popularity of the Steampunk clothes, it is defined as one of the rough technology in the early 1900’s. This personal style is not only limited to both clothing and jewelry but also for the technological bits and hints with added colors like movies. There are many unique Steampunk features that are currently available in the market like fashion, animation, technological engineering, and gadgets with many more futuristic events.

The City of Lost Children: This summary of this film relates the kidnapper who kidnaps the children from a city called Cyclops who exchanges the parts of the body like the eyes and ears. This movie has brought the advanced technology of going to the future and sort out the issues in the films are to be sorted out and end in a positive end. These kinds of films can make the audience get motivated to learn about the technology.

nine movie9: The word nine describes that the man having a machine looks like a doll and a symbol 9 on it. The film shows that there are people who are similar to him with same. The concept conveys what is happening to the world with the help of the salvation. This gives a message for those who are mentally prepared to die can create a last hope for man’s salvation.

League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen: This film explains about the extreme Threat occurs to the life of individuals and tries to sort out the problem with a fight so that it gives a motivational meaning to the British government to take valuable decisions captured from the 20th Century.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: In real Abraham Lincoln is one of the most favorite leaders and person who has stolen the millions of heart with his great kindness. This Movie Vampire Hunter has the real hero Abraham Lincoln, who is the 16th president of the United States of America. In this movie, vampires planned to eliminate the mission and handover the USA. Having with more wonderful fictions and epic actions will make watching this movie more interesting.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire: The Lost Empire is one of the animated adventure movies which explore the tales with Milo Thatcher which holds a map in the lost city of Atlantis. There is a big crew set to locate the mysterious city around the submarine. Watching this film will help to overcome the dangerous obstacles to reach the city.

Conclusion: Finally, in the end, the Steampunk shows it philosophical angle with a great combination of ideas, creativity, and self-reliance with the Victorian view of the future in the films. The empire workshop of Steampunk is the really reasonable concern for those who love to watch such type of films. They mostly focus on the best critics of past and deals with the current problem as well to create a great movie.

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